ACLU calls charges against Michigan Senate candidate unconstitutional

MLive reports on the latest court filing in the prosecution of Anuja Rajendra for political speech;  Blanchard & Walker Attorneys David Blanchard and Frances Hollander on the brief.

When the law overreaches into constitutionally protected speech, ACLU cooperating attorneys step forward.  Attorneys David Blanchard and Frances Hollander are proud to join the pro bono legal team sticking up for the First Amendment and for Ms. Rajendra.  In the Motion to Dismiss filed this week, lawyers for Rajendra argue that recent Supreme Court rulings make clear that the First Amendment does not allow for content based regulations of political speech such as MCL 168.994, which prohibits statements giving the impression of incumbent status.

Ms. Rajendra ran a campaign as a first time candidate and fresh voice in the Democratic primary for the open State Senate race in Washtenaw county.  She was arraigned in AnnArbor’s 15th District Court in November.  She faces misdemeanor charges for alleged “misleading statements” in campaign literature. A hearing on the Motion to Dismiss is scheduled for January.