Reporting Harassment is Only the Beginning

Sexual harassment has no place in the American workplace. It has a direct impact on performance, workplace relationships, and quality of life for employees. After all, having to fend off inappropriate advances and ignore sexual comments is not conducive to being a happy, productive employee. If sexual harassment is creating a hostile work environment, it is time to speak to an experienced employment law attorney.

At Blanchard & Walker in Ann Arbor, we represent employees throughout Michigan who have been subjected to hostile work environments or been the subject of colleagues overstepping appropriate workplace boundaries.

Are You Being Sexually Harassed?

Sexual harassment is not always over-the-top or obvious. However, sexual harassment that flies under the office radar is no less demeaning or illegal. Examples of sexual harassment in the workplace include:

  • Soliciting sex in exchange for a promotion or keeping your job (quid pro quo)
  • Colleagues or supervisors making unwanted advances
  • Inappropriate touching by colleagues or supervisors
  • Sexual comments, innuendos, or threats by colleagues or supervisors
  • Insulting or hostile language based on sex, sexual orientation, or gender identity
  • Sexual jokes or photos

We understand how scary it is to come forward and report wrongdoing by an employer. You may even feel unsure about whether what you are experiencing is actually illegal. In consultation with each client, our attorneys help to assess the best strategy to remedy workplace harassment and protect careers and reputations. When the illegal disability discrimination has already occurred, we have the tools to recover for illegal discrimination in court.

Whether you have experienced examples of quid pro quo sexual harassment or been subjected to a sexually hostile work environment, we can help you identify your legal options and pursue the justice you deserve. Retaliation for reporting sex harassment is illegal. If your employer retaliates against you for reporting such harassment, we can pursue additional legal claims to compensate you for the damages you suffer from their retaliation.

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No one should have to suffer workplace sexual harassment merely to keep a job. We look forward to making things right for you. Call today to request an initial consultation from an experienced team of Michigan employment lawyers.