Protecting Whistleblowers in Michigan and Beyond

When financial fraud, discrimination, and other misconduct appear in the workplace, good people have the courage and fortitude to speak up. Unfortunately, whistleblowers often have a target on their back after exposing wrongdoing and are often the victims of retaliation from supervisors and others in the workplace.

At Blanchard & Walker, we are fierce advocates for whistleblowers in Michigan. We help employees pursue qui tam lawsuits under the False Claims Act, where a successful legal claim can result in a substantial financial recovery for the state or federal government with a percentage paid to the whistleblower.

A Win-Win Situation for Honest Employees

Pursuing a case under the False Claims Act is one of those rare opportunities in life where you get financially rewarded for doing the right thing. The government shares a portion of the savings with whistleblowers when fraud is uncovered, hoping to spur others to come forward with similar information involving other companies.

We Have the Resources to Protect Your Interests

False Claims Act cases require significant resources to pursue and it is crucial to make sure you are prepared for the process. We will make sure you are ready for your role in your case and work to achieve a financial reward as efficiently as possible.

Get Experienced Help for Your Whistleblower Case

Those accused of fraud will surely have someone looking out for your interests. Shouldn’t you have proven attorneys looking out for yours?