Guidance for Disciplinary Review or Notice of Proposed Discipline

The accusation of professional misconduct can be earth-shattering. What will you do if you lose your professional license and are forced to pursue a different line of work? Michigan licensed professionals turn to Blanchard & Walker for thoughtful advice about an upcoming disciplinary review or proposed discipline.

Representation for State, Federal and Private Sector Employees

Our attorneys regularly advice federal employees, health care employees, and other employees on employment discipline matters. For many, immediate review is essential and deadlines may be short; from 7 day deadlines to file a grievance under some employer policies to 30 days to file an action with the Merit Systems Protection Board.

Under state law, the Michigan Whistleblower Protection Act requires any action be filed within 90 days of an adverse employment action. It is essential that state and federal employees facing wrongful employment actions seek legal advice without delay.

Representation for Higher Education Employees

We regularly provide legal representation or advice for university employees facing disciplinary review proceedings at colleges and universities throughout the state of Michigan.

University and other higher education employees are entitled to solid legal advice before facing disciplinary review hearings. You can rely on us to provide you with sound legal advice when facing proposed discipline, contemplating early retirement, or weighing university severance proposals.