Fighting Back Against Non-Competes and Restrictive Covenants

Is your career path restricted by overreaching non-compete agreements?

Are you being threatened with, or actually served with, a non-compete lawsuit?

You are not alone. Abusive non-competes or “restrictive covenants” are typical tactics used to limit competition and the movement of talented employees. This abuse interferes with basic rights to work and control the market for your skills. Even worse, it undermines Michigan’s economy by restricting the talent pool and forcing skilled and talented workers to seek jobs elsewhere.

Strong Advocates for Michigan Employees

At Blanchard & Walker, we are experienced employment law attorneys who aggressively defend Michigan workers from abusive non-compete lawsuits. We counsel employees on the reach and enforce ability of the contracts they have signed and represent their interests throughout the legal process in and out of court.

Michigan courts may only enforce non-competes that are reasonable in scope and duration, and only to the extent they protect legitimate business interests. Unfortunately, this doesn’t protect from corporate lawyers using overreaching non-compete lawsuits to shut down competition. When this happens, you need a skilled team of lawyers with years of non-compete litigation experience in your corner.

Get the Help You Need

If your career path and job opportunities are being undermined by threats of non-compete lawsuits, get advice and representation early from our experienced non-compete defense lawyers.