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Big corporations and their representatives have made advances in the courts to bend the laws in favor protecting their interests over the interests of their workers; even to the extent of protecting their “civil rights” as corporate “people” to discriminate against their workers.

At Blanchard & Walker, we are committed to providing high quality legal representation for employees of all types across industry sectors who want to stand up for their workplace rights as guaranteed under state and federal laws.

Our firm provides doctors and other health care professionals with the advice and representation they need to protect their rights and maximize their career opportunities. We help them with a wide range of issues, including employment contracts, non-compete litigation, and whistleblower protection for those who root out Medicare and Medicaid fraud.

Our attorneys provide advice and representation for employees who are dealing with cancer and other serious health conditions. We understand that job security – and maintaining health insurance – is a major concern for caregivers and patients facing a cancer diagnosis.

We are committed to helping cancer patients protect their rights and benefits as well as obtain the accommodations they need to keep their health and career on track. We stand ready to go to court if they are fired or otherwise discriminated against due to a cancer diagnosis.

We provide sound strategic advice and litigation defense for owner-operated businesses, non-profits, and municipalities seeking in good faith to comply with the law and to do the right thing.

Federal Laws such as USERRA protect the workplace rights of veterans, ensuring they can return home to an open job with all of the benefits they have earned. We help veterans and reservists pursue their rights under federal law, help them obtain workplace accommodations for service-related injuries, and work to make sure wounded warriors and their caregivers receive the extended FMLA benefits they need.