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Topic of the Week  Big Boss Man - Do you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur?

Closed Doors… How employees cope with the recession

Executive Summary, Are you an Entrepreneur? The CORP Test:

• One job
• Responsibility
• Paycheck

Big Boss Man–Do you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur?

Your Rant: I’ve spent my entire career in a corporation, how can you tell if you’re cut out to be an entrepreneur?
911 Repair,
There is nothing like a bad economy to get many people fantasizing about becoming entrepreneurs. Given all the layoffs, it’s only logical to want to be the one calling the shots. Which reminds me of online dating. Really. As a newly minted single guy, dating has taught me one thing most women feel equally comfortable in “hiking boots and jeans” as they do in a “gown and heels.” At least that’s what almost every online profile says.
Equally comfortable? Most of us have preferences, it’s no different at work. There are those of us who are perfectly suited to be entrepreneurs, while there are others who work best when they’re working for someone else. How can you tell which group you’re in? I’ve included four questions below to help you sort it your best workplace using the letters “CORP.” For more, check out “Why Aren’t You Your Own Boss by Edwards and Economy (Prima, 2003).

Colleagues. Do you like working with other people or working on your own? I once got an email from a woman who’d started her own business. She made a tape recording of a busy office so when people called it would sound like she worked for a big company. But she got lonely and would play the tape over and over again just to keep her “company.” Some people just work better when they’re surrounded by others. What’s your best working environment?
One job. Do you like to do just one job or do you like to do a wide variety of jobs? The common phrase is “Jack, or Jill, of all trades.” Most entrepreneurs have to do a little bit of everything—selling, manufacturing, finance, etc. Some people just aren’t cut out for a day that is varied and unpredictable, they like things to be predictable so they can focus on one task at a time. What’s best for you?
Responsibility. Do you prefer to be responsible for what’s going on at work? Some people like to be calling the shots while others just like to punch in and then punch out. Again, there are no right or wrong answers here, only answers that fit you and your preferred work style. Do you crave responsibility or do you avoid it like the plague?
Paycheck. Do you like a steady paycheck? Okay, what idiot could possibly answer “No” to that question? Especially today. Most entrepreneurs I know would, not because they don’t want to get paid, but because they believe they’ll earn a bigger paycheck if left up to their own wiles. Even better, it’s a paycheck that they won’t have to share with anyone else.
One woman broke the pattern of online dating profiles, she talked about being comfortable in hiking boots and a gown. Sounds to me like she’s a natural entrepreneur. And you just might be one too.
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Thought of the Week

"An entrepreneur tends to bite off a little more than he can chew hoping he'll quickly learn how to chew it."

–Roy Ash

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    from Lynn Taylor Consulting

    Closed Doors. How employees cope with the recession

    • Employees spend nearly three hours a day worrying about their job security
    • 76% of employees fear when their boss closes his or her door because it triggers a fear of being laid off


    • Working off the Clock – Alro Steel FLSA Overtime Pay Lawsuit May 30, 2022

      Federal Court Orders Notice to Alro Steel Employees in Nationwide Overtime Lawsuit

      Blanchard & Walker sent the court approved notice to 2500+ Alro Steel employees who may have a right to seek recover for off-the-clock uncompensated time at Alro Steel facilities throughout the country. Federal District Court Judge Murphy for the Eastern District of Michigan, granted conditional certification and ordered notice of FLSA rights to opt-in for current and former warehouse employees of Alro Steel Corporation. (more…)

    • The End of Forced Arbitration for Survivors of Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment March 8, 2022

      On March 3, 2022, President Biden signed the Ending Forced Arbitration of Sexual Assault & Sexual Harassment Act. This law is one significant step forward in the fight to end arbitration contracts that deny access to the Courts for violations of fundamental workplace rights.

      For far too long, countless survivors, workers, and consumers have been silenced by forced arbitration. (more…)


      News Update: Promised Waivers fall short.  According to recent reporting, the waiver program was much smaller than promised.  Although waivers for 55,000 more claimants is a good step forward, it fell short of the 382,000 promised and as of May 12, 2022 there is still no explanation about when or if more will be coming.